Unable to add child work items


I have this XML for the a Change Request work item
    <WorkItem type="Change Request">
        <!--Allowed Work Item Type under this one-->
            <!--min="0" means 0 or more-->
            <WorkItem type="Change Request" min="0"/>
            <WorkItem type="Bug" min="0"/>
            <WorkItem type="Development Task" min="0"/>
    <WorkItem type="Design Task" min="0"/>
    <WorkItem type="Requirement" min="0"/>
    <WorkItem type="General Task" min="0"/>
    <WorkItem type="Test" min="0"/>
    <WorkItem type="Issue" min="0"/>
Yet although I see each of the possible child work items in the Create Sub Work Item right click option, not all of them will create a sub work item. I can't create Development Task, Design Task, Requirement, General Task or Test. The others are OK and are the ones from the original template. Are the child work items hard coded? Why can't I add my child work items.
Interestingly it will allow the addition of them if I create the WI's first and then use the Link existing work item option.
Also the Actions button I would have expected to reflect what could be added, but it doesn't.
Other than that this is great and is going to be of a lot of use when it is working properly.
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LoicBaumann wrote May 19, 2007 at 6:42 PM

Maybe it is hard-coded, I don't really remember the code. But I planned to rewrite this part to make sure everything is fully extensible to any type of Work Item.For instance, the Action menu can't create other types than Change Request or Bug, and I know it's a limitation I've to remove.

Be sure that I'll look into that the coming week, and I'll made a release ASAP.

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LoicBaumann wrote May 20, 2007 at 10:11 PM

Done...Read the "About & Setup" document for more information about it.

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