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Workflow between Work Item through the WINetwork

This feature registers an Alert for a given Team Project to catch all Work Item fields changes.

For each change the Alert system will analyze the field(s) change, the surrounding Work Items (parents, children) against custom made templates to identify a evolution in a global user defined Workflow, then changes will be made to advance the Workflow to the next stage.

For instance, consider the following scenarios:

Code Review

When the Task Work Item has its state changing from Active to Review Pending the corresponding Review Work Item will have its state changed from Proposed to Pending.

Change Request management

You have a Change Request Work Item that is splitted in three child Task Work Items.
When a Task get activated, the Change Request have it's state changed from Proposed to Active.
When all the Tasks are Closed, the Change Request have its state changed from Active to Resolved.
If a Task is being reactivated, the Change Request get reactivated too!

More information and scenarios can be found here

Diagram of the Blocked Development Workflow


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