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Merge Branches driven by Work Items

Merging two branches is a common scenario that most of the time fullfil the following needs:
  • Report bug fixes or evolution from one branch to another.
  • Create a new release that includes changes of another branch.

You typically have to take care of these tasks by tracking/finding the ChangeSets that belong to the code you want to have in your new branch.

Now if all your ChangeSets are assigned to one Work Item and one only (but with the possibility of having a given Work Item referencing many ChangeSets), you can drive you merge process with the Work Item.

The benefits are huged:
- A Work Item Query can return a filtered result of what you're interested to merge.
- The result is way more clear: there's less Work Items than ChangeSets, and they're displayed in Hierarchy.
- The Merge Process takes care for you to merge all the necessary ChangeSets, one by one, keeping the relationship with the Work Item. If merge conflicts arise, you have the possibility to manually solve them, one by one or in mass.
- The Merge can be associated with a new Iteration being released, requalifying Work Items that were cut in the process to the next iteration.

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