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Issues with WICreator - Information Required

Nov 16, 2009 at 5:37 PM


I have an issue after modifying "NetworkModels.xml" file; I get a 404 error, I have some questions to try and understand what the problem is.

- I had some problems making WICreator running on port 8080 on my server, alternativelly I made it work on port 8083, is there any trouble with it ?

- If the above point is not a problem, wich URL has to be entered here in "NetworkModels.xml" : <TFSSettings url=" ? " /> is it the URL to access WICreator(through 8083) or the server through 8080 ?

- There are two "NetworkModels.xml" files, one in "Programm Files\..." the other one is in "C:\Inetpub\WINetwork" wich is the one that have to be upgraded ?

It is difficult for me to make those tests because I don't have access to the server, if someone could help me on these points...

Thanks in advance to everyone;


Nov 17, 2009 at 6:15 AM


You could make it work on another port than 8080, so 8083 should be fine.

In the TFSSetting you have to give the url of the TFS server, so it's like <TFSSettings url="mytfs:8080"/> and not the one of the WICreator WebApp.

By default WICreator creates a WepApp during the Installation in the Application Pool you choose, if you chose the one of Team Foundation Server it created the files in "Programm Files\..". Maybe you have another instance now because you manually created one for the port 8083 and it would typically be in Inetpub.

If you use the 8083 port, look in IIS where the files are stored (but I belive it's in Inetpub) and use the NetworkModels.xml accordingly.

I had reports where it's not easy to administrate WICreator when you don't have acces to the server, in fact I didn't design it to be administrated outside the server. You can succeed if you have the directory where the NetworkModels.xml is shared, but it's not the best way.

One last thing: if the NetworkModels.xml is on a different port than 8080, I belive you would have to registrate the TFS Alert manually to get the Work Item workflow feature working.

Nov 17, 2009 at 9:18 AM

Hi Loïc and thank you for your feedback,

I try to fix the situation today.

Kind regards.