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Project Description
Standalone application that enable you to create Work Items and organize them in a hierarchical way.
This software also includes:
- WINetwork, an Alert that is aware of Work Item changes, and update related ones using custom schemas.
- Merge Branches driven by Work Items.

The Work Item Creator is a stand alone client/server application implementing many features that all rely on the core one: Work Item Hierarchy.

About the deployment of whole solution

Other main features are:
- WINetwork, create a custom Workflow that reacts on Work Item changes to respond in changing other Work Items.
- Branch Merge driven by Work Item, you no longer have to merge your branches changeset by changeset, it's now driven by Work Items, organized in a hierarchical way.
- Branch comparison of Work Item implementation, a quick query will display what Work Item is implemented in a given branch and not in another one. Hierarchy is also handled, showing you if a Work Item tree is not, totally or partially implemented.
- Team Project administration tool, let you administer all the features of the WICreator easily, Team Project by Team Project.

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Installation and setup is now pain free (you can install and setup for a given Team Project in few minutes).
Many new features: user experience enhanced, integration process based on Work Items.

See the release pages for more information.

Main Window

Work Item implemented in Branches comparison Window

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